Feeding The Habit

"I will go in this Way, Oh but I will find my own way out." -Dave Matthews

Saturday, August 28, 2004

From the archives of horrible poems:

Too Much For You

I’m too much for you. Trust me, you couldn’t handle it. You’re a type, and I chew you like a steak everyday. But all your gristle and fat just makes me want to laugh. To bad too much of you is worst than the last. Don’t want to talk to me? You couldn’t even if you tried. Nothing next to me. Might as well see a fish talking to Sophocles telling him lies. When I Suck you in then just let you Drip back out like you saw your mom to your dad do you’ll know it’s time to Fuck you. Think you’re smart? Smartest thing you ever did was stay the hell away cause the best you could of hoped for was maybe get laid. Thought you could hurt me by not giving time of day? Whatever brought the thought that I would ever want it Don’t you see you’ve been played? The things I said are just my game. There’s nothing but pure evil running through these veins. You did good to walk away. My loathing is cued just stay that way. Don’t dare think I’ll try to find you. Not because I can’t, I could and have you too. I just don’t want to. This is a type I’m better than and you knew it all along. That’s why you’re sick sad and scared Stand there in a piss puddle see if I care. Let the dogs come lick it up and lick you out cause that’s all you get. Go ahead and pout. Walked on a grave lately? Have you destroyed that sanctity that way too? What other kind of human being wants to be more hateful than you? Glad you met me. Too bad I’m too much for you