Feeding The Habit

"I will go in this Way, Oh but I will find my own way out." -Dave Matthews

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Mid-Week Post

I've seen lots of lists and thought, "Hey, I don't have any lists."

So here it is, my first unofficial list.

Don’t you just hate it when…

1. you forget to save?
2. there’s two spoons and only one bite left
3. then you wonder who’s had more?
4. Monday lasts longer that the weekend?
5. you run out of underwear?
6. your flip flop breaks?
7. you forget what you were going to say?
8. that look is shared but you both keep walking?
9. the bird flies away?
10. you thought you had one more piece of gum?
11. you can’t play in the rain?
12. you want a cigarette?
13. the nearest bathroom is closed for custodial cleaning?
14. your road trip companion wants to play that same song over and over again?
15. you can’t decide?
16. they can’t decide?
17. the desire is only yours?
18. the packing material doesn’t pop just right?
19. the lid is up but you sit down?
20. the day ends?
21. your heart breaks?
22. the morning comes?
23. your spirit shakes?
24. you don’t know what to say?
25. you have to wait?
26. it happens too fast?
27. the last song is played?
28. you want nothing more than to run down the streets naked
29. and screaming?
30. you’re drunk and playing truth or dare and you knew you should have taken a dare?
31. you have to wear shoes?
32. you step in it?
33. you don’t realize you stepped in it until you get to the kitchen?
34. you think of the last time that you…
35. a telemarketer calls
36. and you think they sound cute
37. but you have to say, “No thanks”?
38. the techno station from Austin isn’t coming in clearly?
39. the perfect date ends?
40. every good book has to end?